An Impromptu Donation Spreads Cheer

by Maritime
Categories: 2020, Blog

It’s not everyday a customer at Costco picks up another persons tab, but when a kind, anonymous gentleman found out the supplies were for Salvation Army volunteers, he did just that.

“I would like to pay for your items”

Captain Brent Haas of Salvation Army Fairview Citadel was shopping for supplies at Costco for his volunteers when a gentleman stepped up and offered to pay for his entire cart of snack items. Noticing his Salvation Army branded shirt, the kind man approached Brent and said, “I would like to pay for your items.”

“He wanted to give back”

Brent gracefully declined and thanked him for his thoughtfulness. “His kind offer was thanks enough,” says Captain Brent. “He insisted and said that he wanted to do this kind act because he had heard and seen all the essential work that The Salvation Army was doing through COVID-19 and he wanted to give back.”

Several volunteers have contributed many hours of their time over the past several weeks supporting in the areas of food service delivery and distribution of truckloads of donated potatoes in various communities. It’s the support and generosity of the community that enables the Salvation Army to accomplish its mission.


By: Jan Keats