Community Garden Creates Welcoming Space

by Maritime
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In Fredericton, The Salvation Army community garden is doing more than just boosting food security – it’s become a welcoming space for people of all skills and abilities.

“The garden has been laid out in such a way that people of all abilities can take part,” explains Susan Strickland, community services coordinator. “We have raised beds to make it easy for seniors to reach the plants, plenty of space for those in wheelchairs and many more accommodating features.” 

The project began with the goal of teaching people new skills and boosting their food bank supply. But since it began this Spring, the garden has become a place where community members from all walks of life come together to socialize, learn and help the plants grow. 

“All are certainly welcome”

“The community has come together to bring the garden to life,” she explains. “Some people bring their gardening skills, others are here to learn and all are certainly welcome.”

The garden is maintained by the team from The Salvation Army along with community members. On Monday, they harvested their first crop of radishes. But they are growing many more types of vegetables – so many that Susan has lost count.

“We’re really growing everything: peppers, beets, corn, carrots – we’ve got it all. We even have flowers intermingled between the plants to help with pollination and onions to keep pests away.”

“We’ll keep working together”

With a successful garden growing before their eyes, Susan explains that the team is working within COVID-19 restrictions and plans to welcome even more community members into the space.

“As soon as it’s safe to do so, we plan to reach out to isolated seniors and get them involved,” says Susan. “But until then, we’ll keep working together and watch our garden grow.”

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By: Angela Rafuse