Little Help Makes a Big Impact

Volunteers Food Donation
by Maritime
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While we are all trying to keep our distance, one couple is bringing their community together – by collecting food bank donations for their local Salvation Army.

Shannon Johnson and Danny Little are no strangers to giving back. Last Christmas, the Halifax couple rallied their neighbours to fill a dump truck full of toys for children in need. Now, they have their sights set on helping those experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic.

“We know how many people are struggling and there is no size of donation that is too big or too small, every little bit helps,” Shannon wrote in her community Facebook group. 

After getting their friends and neighbours on board, the couple then created a drop off location at the end of their driveway where they collected the non-perishable food donations and safely stored them until The Salvation Army could pick them up. 

“We are so excited to help,” says Shannon. “We have a great neighbourhood who always steps up.”

Captain Elaine Locke worked with the couple on both fundraisers. She has seen first-hand the difference people can make when they see a need and do what they can to help. 

“We are so grateful for everyone who has stepped up during the pandemic to help their community,” she explains. “Some have started food bank fundraisers, others made donations or gave their time. These actions are what makes a big impact.” 

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