Small Blessings Daycare Returns to a New Normal

by Maritime
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As our economy and a sense of normalcy returns, many are wondering what that entails. The Salvation Army’s Small Blessings Early Childhood Development Centre in Moncton has reopened this week with one third of the children returning—so far.

Janice Rice, Director of Small Blessings gives a logical reason for this. “Some parents are cautious expressing a ‘wait and see’ approach and others have not returned to work themselves.”

It has been two months since the daycare centre closed due to COVID-19. “We have been in operation for 31 years and the only other time the centre has been closed were the two days due to the ice storm a few years back,” says Janice.

What does normalcy look like for little children?

The capacity of the centre peaks at 167, including the after-school program. Starting back with one third of the children makes an easier transition of the new screening process. Once the staff complete the screening questions, the children are greeted at three separate entrances of the building to limit personal contact. Their temperatures are checked, and they are guided to their classrooms which is now referred to as “group bubbles.”

Even though there are no large combined group gatherings, they still have social integration within their group bubbles. The activities are ongoing, and lunches are served in their classrooms. Their snacks and meals are provided as individual portions.

They adapted very well considering the new procedures that are in place. One parent asked her daughter how her first day back at school was and the response was a positive one saying, “my face hurts from smiling too much.”

Once the centre reaches full capacity again, there will be many more smiles. “We expect more children to return as their parents are called back to work,” Janice says. “But for now, we have adapted, and everything is working wonderfully.”

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By: Jan Keats