Nova Church Volunteers with Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services

by Maritime
Categories: 2020, News Archive

As the demand for our services increase, The Salvation Army is reliant on volunteers to help us meet the need. But with many unable to help due to their health conditions or self-isolation, community groups, such as Nova Church, are coming forward and offering their support.

In April, Nicole Victory, a member of Nova Church, reached out to The Salvation Army to offer the support of their volunteers – which our emergency disaster services team accepted with open arms. 

“It’s incredible that they came forward during this difficult time and want to help us,” says Jan Keats, emergency disaster services coordinator. “We’re so grateful to have their support.” 

Since then, members of Nova Church have been volunteering weekly to help The Salvation Army providing feeding services to the pop-up shelters in Halifax. 

“The Salvation Army has a beautiful way of being both help and hope in their communities,” says Nicole Victory. “We love volunteering with this ministry and serving alongside the food truck.”

The Salvation Army continues to provide essential services in communities across the Maritimes. If you are interested in becoming a Salvation Army volunteer, visit