Salvation Army uses Facebook Live to Comfort Children with Bedtime Stories

by Maritime

Each night, Major Dan Roode sits down in his home study in Pictou County, turns on Facebook Live, and reads a children’s bible story to help kids cope with the stresses of COVID-19.

More than 100 families tune in each evening to hear the cheerfully told story, with each beginning with the same comforting greeting, “Hello boys and girls, it’s Major Dan and it’s time for another children’s bible story.”

To keep children occupied throughout the day, the short videos often include an activity for the children to take part in, preparing them for the next night’s story. 

“Today’s children’s activity is to go to your yard, find a sprig of a tree or branch and hang it on your front door to celebrate tomorrow being Palm Sunday,” says Major Dan in a video from last week.

The nightly bedtime stories eases the stress many children have been experiencing, while giving them a sense of comfort as they navigate through these unprecedented times. 

The Salvation Army continues to find creative ways to provide support to those in need throughout the COVID-19 crisis. To donate, visit or call 1-902-455-1201


By: Angela Rafuse