Transitioning from Substance Use to Restored Lives

by Maritime
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The Anchorage Recovery program at the Centre of Hope in Halifax supports several men each year as they move through substance use treatment towards a restored life. A transition ceremony held on April 25th saw two individuals complete the program.

During the transition ceremony, Gordon and Larry were celebrated as they transition through this ongoing program. Gordan said, “This program rescued me from a dark place; I am sober and able to re-connect with my Mom and Dad.” Larry is an accomplished piano player and often entertained the men with hymns including one he shared at the ceremony. Larry sad, “I’m so grateful for the staff at the Centre of Hope where I arrived an addict and will be leaving feeling like a much better person.”

The program uses a Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) treatment model which involves a variety of proven therapies based on a client-centered approach for substance use and treatment. Paul Surette, Program Supervisor for the Anchorage Recovery Program and Certified CRA Therapist says, “it replaces the short-term positive effects of substance use with the long-term positive effects of a life of sobriety.” He adds, “By involving the individual in the development of their own personal recovery plan and holding them accountable for reaching their goals, a sense of ownership is established to help them strive to achieve their desired results.”

CRA also involves establishing community supports for individuals in the program so that the men can successfully transition into the community as they establish the supports they need to reach their sobriety goals.