Bedford MacDonald House will enhance its programming with an increased provincial investment

by Maritime
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Announced today, the Province of Prince Edward Island, through the Department of Social Development and Housing, is providing The Salvation Army (TSA) $355,500 annually to help with the operational costs of Bedford MacDonald House in Charlottetown. This will allow 24/7 accessibility and increased programming and supports for men experiencing homelessness.

“Every Islander deserves to feel safe and secure and have a roof over their head,” said Honourable Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island. “Over the past number of years, we have seen an unfortunate increase in demand for stays at shelters and we need to meet this demand and work with our partners to not only address housing needs but also understand and remove its underlying causes.”

For seven years, TSA has proudly operated Bedford MacDonald House, providing shelter, support and compassion to hundreds of men. This new funding will mean the addition of new staff, including a Residence Manager and Caseworker. They will provide coaching, overall lifestyle skill development, and direction to practical and community resources, as well as programming such as grooming, health, social and spiritual care. The maximum length of stay will also increase from 7 days in a 30-day period to 21 days.

“We are pleased with the spirit of collaboration in the community and the confidence the government has in The Salvation Army to provide the support and care those experiencing homelessness need,” says Major Daniel Roode. “We expect about ten new guests to use this service each day, which will bring us near or even at capacity on a daily basis and would not be able to increase the care provided at Bedford MacDonald House without this investment. We will continue to build on our relationships with partners and outside agencies to offer the supports required in this community as men move from homelessness to hopefulness.”

As programs are enhanced and as guests are more engaged and cared for through new services offered, TSA expects that their spiritual and mental health will also improve. Additionally, as relationships and partnerships expand within the community, TSA will connect its guests at Bedford MacDonald House to agencies such as the Canadian Mental Health Association to play a role in helping them to experience more fulfilled lives.

Homelessness has an impact on any community. Community-based programming helps to prevent and reduce homelessness along with helping people maintain safe, stable and affordable housing as partners and agencies collaborate and coordinate their resources.