She Has Her Boy Back!

by Maritime
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Living on the streets of Ottawa, emotionally wounded, battling substance and prescription medication abuse, and weighing only 135 pounds, Corey found hope through reconnecting with his Mom and a history of support from The Salvation Army.

Shortly after picking Corey up at the bus station this past Christmas Eve, Corey’s Mom, Louise Armstrong who works with The Salvation Army in Saint John, took her son straight to a clinic to get him some much needed methadone. Sadly, the clinic was closed. Calmly, Louise drove Corey to the nearest detox center. “Corey started to panic, telling me he was scared and was beginning to experience withdrawals. I never would have thought going to detox on Christmas Eve would be such a blessing,” says Louise.

With support from his Mom and The Salvation Army continually coming alongside this family, just three days later, Corey began a six-week detox program weaning himself from 120 ml of methadone down to 60 ml; he also quit smoking. Louise’s employer supported the time she needed at home with Corey for part of his detox including various medical appointments, which for her was more than she could have asked for. Within two months, Corey went from living on the streets of Ottawa, struggling with substance and prescription drug abuse to living in a transitional home in Moncton – no longer using drugs, medication or smoking cigarettes.

Throughout Corey’s journey, The Salvation Army has supported him in many ways. Dana Corbiere, Business Manager in Saint John, represented Corey in provincial court for an outstanding warrant, which she will continue to do as he returns to Court. The Judge had released Corey to The Salvation Army to get him the help he needed. And during this healing journey, Corey created relationships with the program administrators for the Anchorage Recovery Program in Halifax who helped him regain his ID, which had been lost during his ordeal.

Just days before Corey arrived in Saint John, Louise was asked to speak at the County Jail about forgiveness, which she believes is wrapped around her relationship with Corey. After this talk, Louise was asked by one of the inmates if he could pray for her son even though he had never prayed in his life. Two days later, Louise received the call from a medical center in Ottawa urging her to bring Corey home, which would save his life. In the past, Louise was adamant that she would not support Corey’s lifestyle choices. This time, she felt it was different; somehow she knew she had to bring him home and is so grateful she did.

“Despite all of these miracles, I was afraid to believe Corey’s words that it would be different this time; I was so afraid to believe this could be true,” said Louise. His picture shows just how different life is today for Corey who is three months clean and expresses love and gratitude for all those who have supported him on his healing journey.

“I am so blessed to have my boy back and I’m grateful for all of those who surrounded us with love and support, including from The Salvation Army – this truly is a story of restoration and hope,” said Louise.

Right now, Corey is inspired to give back by raising funds for the Harvest House Atlantic, Spring2Action 2019 Walk/Run for those experiencing homelessness. This event takes place on Saturday, May 4. He can be supported via this link