Featuring Chris Pilkington, One of Our Many Valuable Volunteers

Man sorts food at the Centre of Hope in Halifax
by Maritime
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Beaming with pride, joy and happiness, Chris Pilkington who is a dedicated volunteer, shares his story from the Food Room at The Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope in Halifax.

The year 2012 marked a turning point for Chris when he was led to The Salvation Army by his nephew. After receiving much needed support and shelter in the Centre of Hope’s short-term apartments and at the same time, finding an extended family, Chris got his life back.
“I was at ground zero when I came to The Salvation Army after the end of a 19-year relationship,” says Chris. I was so grateful that my nephew brought me here, where my life was restored.” He adds, “I often call myself a seven-year old because it was seven years ago when my new life began.”

The impression The Salvation Army left on Chris was life changing. After finding himself a new place to call home, Chris decided he would give back and started volunteering for the Christmas toy distribution program then helping gather and sort food in the Food Room where he volunteers three days each week. When Chris isn’t sorting food at the Centre of Hope, he volunteers with Dartmouth Connections preparing lunches for those in need living in the community. He says, “Food wasn’t originally a passion of mine, but today, it’s a big part of how I spend my time.” Chris has taken food safety courses, CPR training, crisis intervention and more.

Just three years ago, Chris felt called into ministry and became a soldier or a salvationist. This involves voluntarily completing an 11-week program to explore the beliefs and practices of The Salvation Army and officially adhering to the soldier’s covenant. Chris is an active member of the Halifax Citadel Community Church. “Connecting with people means everything to me, it’s part of me now,” says Chris.

The Salvation Army delights in the opportunity to celebrate its volunteers during National Volunteer Week and each day of the year. We want to extend a special thank you to the over 130,000 dedicated volunteers who graciously give their time, passion and skills. Last year, over 1 million hours of service were provided to help us feed, clothe, shelter and empower struggling Canadians.

Interested in volunteering at the Centre of Hope like Chris? Contact James Woods, Special Programs Coordinator at 902-422-1598 ext. 243 or email james_w