A safe place to play

Group of children holding ice creams
by Maritime
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When you think of summer, most people picture children running and playing in their backyards, complete with a swing set, sandbox and a sprinkler for hot days. However, not every child living in Halifax has the opportunity to run and play in their yard. For many children, living in an apartment or in low-income housing, there may not be a safe outdoor space for them to explore and grow.

This summer, a few generous partners in the community stepped up, in an effort to provide a backyard space for children to enjoy. They partnered with The Salvation Army’s Open Arms Centre, and enhanced the backyard and play area, for the children participating in our free after-school and summer day-camps. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Canadian Progress Club Halifax- Cornwallis, for donating a new play structure; and to Finca Landscaping, who donated their time to complete the project. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Deepwater Church, for the incredible backyard toys and basketball net; as well as CIBC World Market Children’s Foundation for the landscaping.

The children are having a blast this summer, and the backyard achieves more than just providing fun. It’s about enjoying the right to play, going back to school with confidence, and taking their focus off day-to-day challenges.

Thank you to our community partners, for helping to make this summer so full of fun.