Floodwaters displace New Brunswick residents

Mother and her children receive meals from The Salvation Army truck
by Maritime
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Historically high levels of floodwaters along the St. John River have displaced many people from their homes. The Salvation Army’s St. Mary Street location is acting as a reception area during the flooding, where residents can go for food, showers, and to take care of other essential needs.

“Displaced people are arriving in shock,” says Larry Moss, emergency disaster coordinator for The Salvation Army. “This disaster was totally unexpected. Some people are staying with friends and coming to us for meals, while others are looking for things like toiletries. One woman came for clothing vouchers to our thrift store, because her basement apartment flooded, and they left with only the clothes on their backs.”

After steadily rising for more than a week, water levels in the southern part of the province are causing home evacuations, road closures, and power outages. The provincial emergency management organization (EMO) says flooding in some areas exceed levels last seen in 1973.

“Our facility has a generator and full-service kitchen where we are preparing meals and showers. Cots have been put in the gymnasium and classrooms, for individuals or families, who need to stay overnight,” says Moss. “When the water goes down and roads open, it could be a long time before people get back into their homes. The Salvation Army will continue to support them with practical assistance and emotional and spiritual care.”