Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Paula

Two women and a man stand together for a photo. The women in the middle is wearing a flowered dress and is holding a paint brush. The woman on the left and the man on the right of her are both wearing black shirts and pants.
by Maritime
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We couldn’t do the work we do without our volunteers!


The Salvation Army depends on the helping hands of our many dedicated volunteers. In our Volunteer Spotlight, we recognize the compassion, kindness, and hardworking nature of Paula from Springhill, NS.

Paula has spent a lifetime in service to others. After retiring from federal corrections facility, the Springhill Institution, Paula looked to her local Salvation Army to see how she could make an impact in the community. Years of working as a corrections officer has given her a deep sense of compassion for those she serves.

Along with Lieutenants Rosalyn and Stephen Toynton, Paula developed an after school program for kids in grades four to eight. The program uses activities to address everything from enhancing study habits, health and wellness, and even good hygiene practices.

A four-panel puppet theatre that mimics a row of colourful townhomes. From left to right, the home panels are painted, green, violet, sky blue, and yellow.

Paula and her husband Carl, built and painted a puppet theatre to engage kids in creative play.

Paula has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has brought along her husband, Carl, for the ride. To create a fun atmosphere and encourage creative play, Paula and Carl built a colourful puppet theatre. Painted in vibrant colours, the puppet theatre mimics the distinctive “jellybean houses” characteristic in many communities across Atlantic Canada.

Thanks to Paula, and volunteers like her across Canada, The Salvation Army is able to serve those most.

If you would like to make an impact in your community by volunteering, visit our website to find opportunities near you.