Changes to the H2O Water Program include accepting more people seeking emergency assistance

child and his mother talking to another woman
by Maritime

The H2O (Help to Others) Water Fund is undergoing some exciting changes this year, as increased income thresholds will allow more people to receive help.   The program, which assists with the cost of residential and waste water, will also be increasing the amount of assistance each household can receive in a 24 month period.

“Since the launch of Halifax Water’s H2O Program in 2011, over $160,000 has been provided to over 700 customers who were in need of assistance with their water, wastewater and stormwater bills, “says James Campbell, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator for Halifax Water.  “We are pleased to provide these new enhancements to this valuable assistance program, and look forward to our continued relationship with The Salvation Army as we move ahead with this important initiative.”

Another change to the program, will be the addition of a $2500 discretionary fund, for those clients who do not meet the current requirements.   Without the support of this program, a household having their water shutoff could become a scary reality.

“With cost of living on the rise, the stress increases for families struggling to balance their finances.   This reduces people’s ability to provide the most basic human needs, such as a safe place to live, and food for their table,” says Captain Jamie Locke, Director for Public Relations and Development of The Salvation Army.  “That’s why The Salvation Army is pleased to once again partner with Halifax Water to offer assistance to low income households through the H2O Program.   Anytime household finance can be redirected from paying bills, to instead paying for food, clothing and shelter, we celebrate.”

Halifax Water, in partnership with The Salvation Army, assisted 165 households last year, compared to 100 in 2016.  The forms to apply for the H2O program are available online, or at Halifax Water’s 450 Cowie Hill Rd. office, The Salvation Army’s Gottingen St. location, and all HRM Customer Services Centres.