Make a child’s Christmas brighter by donating a toy to the Cineplex-C100 Toy Drive

by Maritime

Smiles, fun and laughter will fill the homes of many at Christmas thanks to the ongoing support of the Cineplex-C100 toy drives.

Each Christmas, the Cineplex and C100 partner with The Salvation Army to spread the word about the need for donations of toys. Donors are encouraged to visit either the Dartmouth Crossing Cineplex on Thursday, December 7th or the Scotia Bank Theatre, Bayers Lake Cineplex on Friday, December 8th from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to support these valuable toy drives.  

“The need for Christmas support and help for many Maritimers throughout the year is increasing,” says Captain Jamie Locke, Divisional Secretary for Public Relations and Development. “With the rising costs for food, clothing and shelter, many individuals and families across the Maritimes struggle to make ends meet. We want to encourage donations for Christmas toys, as well as kettle donations to support our programs and services during the holiday season and throughout the year.”

From corporate donors, teams and families to community members, a wide assortment of thousands of toys are generously donated to the Cineplex-C100 toy drives each year. Teenagers in struggling families are often the first to miss out on the excitement of opening a gift on Christmas morning. Please consider sharing a gift card for these important family members.

Donations can also be made online at