Canadian Salvation Army EDS Coordinators Experience Resilience and Gratitude in Texas

by Maritime

When Jan Keats and Louise Armstrong, Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) staff with The Salvation Army Maritime Division received a moment’s notice to support relief efforts following the destruction of hurricane Harvey in Texas, they were ready and willing. Despite their preparation and training efforts, nothing could have fully prepared Jan and Louise for the devastation they would witness nor the resilience they would experience while serving the residents of Corpus Christi.

At the height of the response, The Salvation Army mobilized more than 96 feeding units (canteens), assisted 3,821 people with shelter, served 920,000 meals, provided emotional and spiritual care to thousands, and EDS personnel, officers, and volunteers logged more than 415,000 hours of service.

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For 100 years, The Salvation Army has been providing disaster relief and responding to the needs of survivors and first responders. Being prepared to take action quickly and effectively is the goal of The Salvation Army’s EDS Program, which involves working closely with police, fire services, and other relief organizations such as the Red Cross. On-going skill training is essential; EDS leaders are skilled in crisis intervention, disaster relief, meal provision, as well as offering spiritual care.