A New Home for the Digby and Area Food Bank

by Maritime

This summer, the Digby and Area Food Bank found a new home and a partnership with Salvation Army Thrift Store in Digby. Together, Major Paul Blake and Roger Tibbetts, President of the Food Bank are sharing space as they help the community thrive.

“In this great space, we are not only able to work together to serve our community, but we are able to do this together,” says Roger. “We’re very pleased to partner with The Salvation Army to deliver nutritious food to those in need in the Digby and surrounding area.”

A volunteer-led organization since 1980, Roger has been overseeing the work and growth of the food bank for the last 12 years and works with a number of dedicated, long-serving volunteers to feed their community. He works with farmers who donate vegetables and Sobeys for donations of cakes, bread and more. Roger can often be found shopping smart for as little cost as possible.

Over 240 families are registered to benefit from the food bank and over 40 families visit during the first three Wednesdays of the month from 8:30 to 12 noon. Support is also available for those who are unable to make it to the food bank because of illness or transportation needs.

Roger says, “We take into consideration all life circumstances and try to accommodate people as best we can.”

Major Paul Blake facilitates Community and Family Services for The Salvation Army across Bridgetown, Middleton and Digby and communities in between. He also oversees Thrift Stores in the three towns for which the proceeds support the work of The Salvation Army. Last Spring, the Digby Thrift Store opened. A sign for the store can be seen by those exiting the ferry from St. John.

Paul says, “Other churches in the area sometimes look to us for support; we offer help on so many levels and are grateful to partner with organizations like the Digby and Area Food Bank to fill the needs in our communities.”