Vets experiencing homelessness find shelter at Centre of Hope

Vets experiencing homelessness find shelter at Centre of Hope
by Maritime

In an effort to address the issue of homelessness among veterans, The Salvation Army Centre of Hope in Halifax has partnered with Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (VETS Canada) to provide a transitional housing solution.

The Centre of Hope has dedicated two short-term accessible housing units for veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces or RCMP who are experiencing homelessness. Providing transitional housing for veterans is a new concept in Atlantic Canada, with the Salvation Army and VETS Canada partnership being the first of its kind in the region.

The Centre of Hope follows the Housing First model that centres on ensuring proactive community support as resident’s transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Veterans who are placed will have access to a multitude of services that will put them on the path to a safe and secure living situation. This includes services like the Anchorage Addictions program at the Centre of Hope and employment services through VETS Canada.

Executive Director for the Centre of Hope, Major Vaden Vincent says, “We are thrilled to come alongside VETS Canada to help make transitional housing for veterans possible. With partnerships like this, we are providing much-needed services to vulnerable people in our communities while giving hope to those who need it most.”

With thousands of veterans facing housing insecurity across the country, the partnership between the Centre of Hope and VETS Canada is providing a critical service those who so selflessly served our country.