Summerside food drive thrives

Summerside food drive thrives
by Maritime

Twice in one year, the Summerside Corps hosted a community food drive in partnership with Canada Post. Last fall, the event was so successful that another food drive was planned for the spring. Over 16,000 flyers were distributed via Canada Post to inform the community about the event.

On June 2, 1200 pounds of food was collected for the food bank, which serves the community on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 1 to 3 pm.

“This is a great community event that helps fill our shelves with food for those in need,” says Captain Neil Abbott. “We’re grateful for our ongoing partnership with Canada Post for making this event possible.”

Enthusiastic postal workers volunteered their time including Scott Gaudet who has been helping coordinate the Food Drives for 15 years, which were inspired by Myles Birch who recently passed away. Scott says, “Myles would show up as Santa sharing clothes, food and toys for kids at Christmas; he had the gift of sharing happiness with all those whose paths crossed with his.”

Scott often brings his family along to collect boxes and bags of food. He says, “I love being a part of the food drive and giving back to the community. My boys are also learning the importance of giving and there’s no better way to spend our Saturday together.”

On his mail route, Scott gains insight of how people are living in his community and how little they have. “People want to give, which we hear all the time,” says Scott. “What better way is there to help people in our community than to ensure they don’t go hungry?”

About 10.6 percent of Prince Edward Island’s population is affected by food insecurity and over one million Canadian households experience food insecurity each year.

If you are interested in becoming involved with a Summerside food drive or if you need some help securing your next meal, please contact the Summerside Corps at 902-888-3870.