Lakeview Manor receives accreditation

by Maritime

This month, The Salvation Army was proud to present a certificate of accreditation to Lakeview Manor in Riverview, New Brunswick.

For 35 years, Lakeview Manor has been providing long-term care to seniors in New Brunswick. The 50-bed facility provides focused, holistic care to its residents ensuring that each person is treated with dignity.

In its commitment to serving those in need, The Salvation Army launched an accreditation program to certify that all Salvation Army social service facilities are achieving high standards of efficiency and care.

The Salvation Army Maritime Division's Area Commanders, Majors Wayne and Cavell Loveless, were happy to present the management of Lakeview Manor with the Certificate of Accreditation. Accreditation certifies accountability and transparency in the operations, and excellence in the programs and services offered by Lakeview. By setting high operational standards, Lakeview Manor is able to provide the highest level of care and enrichment to those in need.

Congratulations to the staff and management of Lakeview Manor!