Family Traditions

by Maritime
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During the Second World War, Ted Reid was stationed in England. He wanted to write home to family and friends, so he went to an aid organization and asked for a stamp – but without any funds he was turned away. No money, no stamp!

He then went to The Salvation Army. In speaking to the officer he asked for a stamp.

The officer inquired: “What do you want the stamp for?” He said, “To write home.”

“Well,” said The Salvation Army officer, “Do you have any paper?”

“No,” he replied. “Envelopes?” asked the officer. “No…”

“A pen?” “No.”

“And you have no stamps? Okay, so no paper, no envelopes, no pen, and no stamps.”

“Yes, that’s right,” said Ted.

“Well then, here’s paper, envelopes, a pen and stamps. You go write home.”

This act of charity was never forgotten by Ted Reid and he decided to leave his home and property to The Salvation Army.

Years later, Ted was not well. His son, Murray Reid, was concerned about having to leave his childhood home with all its cherished memories behind. 

His father said he would give Murray the home if he agreed to leave the property upon his death to The Salvation Army. Murray Reid carried on the tradition – he lived in the home until his death, and left the family property to The Salvation Army in his will.


— Recounted by a childhood friend of Mr. Reid who shared with The Salvation Army how this gift had come about