Lakeview Manor welcomes new executive director, Kym Elder

by Maritime
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Serving as Executive Director of The Salvation Army Lakeview Manor, Kym Elder joins the Maritime Division with a rich background and a passion for long-term care.

Born and raised in Ontario, Kym moved to Nelson, BC with her husband ten years ago. It was in the ski town in 2006 that Kym would discover her love for long-term care. Joining the team at Mountain Lake Seniors Community, she trained, learned and grew in her role as Community Administrator. Kym went on to complement this work when she completed the Canadian Healthcare Association’s Long-Term Care Management certificate in 2011. Kym says that caring for and working with vulnerable people is her true calling.

“Connecting with seniors – whether through long-term care or just befriending someone at the store – is just common sense, second nature, to me,” says Kym. “This is my service and my connection to the community.”
With a background in holistic health and a keen focus on resident-centered care, Kym looks forward to her future at Lakeview Manor, noting that the transition to working with her team has been smooth.

“There are strong, committed staff here and that is obvious in everything they do and I am profoundly impressed by the long term commitment of the staff members,” said Kym. “There is a real sense of pride and ownership of this place.”
As she continues to settle in, Kym says that she and her team will work towards deeply integrating the resident-centered model of care at Lakeview Manor, while making sure that the facility continues to build connections with the community at large and continues to build relationships with clients and their families.

“It is difficult when you realize that you can no longer care for your loved one,” Kym explains. “It’s so important to build trust and provide quality care. Even though my grandparents are gone, I can provide the same level of care I’d want to give them via other people’s grandparents and that is a privilege.”

Lakeview Manor is located at 50 Suffolk Street, Riverview and has been committed to providing quality long-term care to residents since 1982. For more information, call 506-387-2012 or email Kym Elder, executive director at