Brighter Futures Children's Sponsorship Program: two children smiling

What is a Brighter Futures Sponsor?

As a Sponsor you will provide financial support to Salvation Army programs that enable children to receive food, clothing, shelter, education, medical needs and spiritual and loving care for impoverished and vulnerable children in developing countries.


The life of an orphan or vulnerable child is unstable and leads to continuing in the cycle of poverty. Through Brighter Futures Children’s Sponsorship, you can help alleviate the hopelessness and needless suffering experienced by children in the developing world.

What does it cost?

Basic sponsorship is $300 a year.  Your donation is processed most efficiently with annual payments; however, we also offer semi-annual, quarterly or monthly options.  You can sponsor individually, as a family, or as a group.

How do I become a Sponsor?

Select the method that works best for you:

1) Online: apply by clicking here.

2) Phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769) and quote “Brighter Futures”.

3) Mail: Open, print and complete the application form which is included in the brochure.

Is Brighter Futures worthwhile?

Definitely! Children of the world are a vulnerable group, and they need adults to help them during their formative years. Some are victims of war, power struggles and aggression.  Some are stateless, rootless and unwanted.  Many live in daily fear of being snatched off the streets or being hungry. Others are orphans or victims of fractured families, confused and missing the security and shelter of a home that has the resources to adequately provide for their needs.  Key elements to help ensure a brighter future for any child are good nutrition, security and education.  These, along with health care, form the basis of the essential assistance that we provide through Brighter Futures Children’s Sponsorship.  The need is great – and your assistance will truly make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.