Program Update

The Salvation Army British Columbia Division announced it will close its Vancouver Homestead program as of March 31st, 2015 due to a refocusing of it’s programming and resource provision in the Province.

After extensive review and evaluation over the last two years, The Salvation Army has determined new opportunities, projects and developments for the future that will continue to support marginalized women in their journey of recovery and independent living.

The Salvation Army Vancouver Homestead opened its doors in 1988 operating as a residential Support Program for women seeking recovery from substance abuse. The mandate was to create a safe and secure environment for women to address the challenges they face in their recovery and move towards safe and independent living.

The Salvation Army has a commitment to the 17 current residents – 34 person capacity – accessing support recovery and independent living programs at Vancouver Homestead. A transition plan is set to ensure minimal disruption to the treatment plans of the women while ensuring they are cared for, fully supported and successful in receiving the services required. The Salvation Army will continue to partner with other social service agencies and partners in providing resource support and referrals as needed for current clients.

In the 27 years of service to the local community, hundreds of lives have been changed and hope has been restored. Shares, Lt. Colonel Larry Martin, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army British Columbia Division, “we are thankful for the services Vancouver Homestead has provided and for the hundreds of lives changed. While the closing of our facility is a difficult decision, we continue to look at news ways to provide maximum services to those in need in our community.”

Who we are

The Salvation Army Vancouver Homestead is a residential Support Recovery Program for women seeking recovery from substance abuse. Our aim is to create a safe and secure place for women to address the unique bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs they face in their recovery, therefore facilitating remarkable healing.

The Homestead’s programs are based on a community living environment, where we are supportive of one another’s journey. Healing occurs in the process of journeying together through recovery, as we learn about ourselves and how to cope with the feelings we have in everyday life.

The Vancouver Homestead is licensed through The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

What we do

The Vancouver Homestead operates two programs. Support Recovery is a first stage program, focusing on the initial recovery process. Priority is given to building the life skills necessary to live drug and alcohol free. Through one to one and group counseling, psychoeducational classes, and life skill teaching women learn a new way to live. The Support Recovery program has capacity for twenty four women. The minimum stay in the first stage is 12 weeks.

Homestead’s second stage program focuses on long term stabilization for women who have graduated the first stage. Eight beds are set apart in a space independent from the first stage program for the women who desire to live in a supportive community environment while reintegrating into the larger community. Women in this stage must continue to set and work toward recovery goals, while seeking long term safe and affordable housing, enrolling in work ready programs, or furthering their education.

The Vancouver Homestead has a unique focus on spirituality. We believe that every person is on a spiritual journey, and our spiritual beliefs shape who we are. As such, the Homesteads programs facilitate a journey to exploring our spirituality.

Mission Statement

Motivated by the Love of God, the Vancouver Homestead is a residential Support Recovery program that strives to equip women to live a drug and alcohol free lifestyle by providing a safe and secure environment and facilitating the healing of the whole person.

Vision Statement

“Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Dreams, Remarkable Change”

Contact Information:

Patricia Cuff
Div. Secretary for Public Relations & Development
The Salvation Army BC Division
Off. 604.299.3908