Meet Kate

Posted on 16th April 2020, by British Columbia
Kate’s childhood and early years were filled with trauma and significant challenges; a family with a history of addiction, mother a crack addict, leaving when Kate was 12. She was angry, in and out of transition homes, consuming drugs and alcohol. At 19, Kate found herself on welfare, raising a baby alone, hungry and desperate.  […]
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A Look Back at Christmas 2019

Posted on 13th January 2020, by British Columbia
In 2019 The Salvation Army’s Christmas Campaign raised a total of $3.6 million across British Columbia. This will help us continue to feed, clothe and shelter individuals and families, while helping others escape violence and addiction. How it Was Done: The money raised this Christmas season is in no small part due to the tremendous  […]

2018 Christmas Wrap Up

Posted on 28th January 2019, by British Columbia
Two young girls in Santa hats with Christmas Kettle
The Christmas season has come and gone but now we can fondly look back at another great season where the generous support of numerous donors, volunteers, and hard working staff around British Columbia helped make an incredible impact on the lives of so many. Christmas Kettles For many, the most recognizable part of the holiday season is  […]

#HOPEbracelet Fast Facts

Posted on 28th January 2019, by British Columbia
Several hands together as fists earing bracelets
Over 60,000 HOPE bracelets were given out this Christmas! 3 lucky winners were chosen from our #HOPEbracelet social media contest 25 cities participated in BC Congratulations to our contest winners: Sarah from Prince George won our grand prize for a pair of tickets to the World Junior Hockey Championships. She shared the tickets with her  […]
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Prince George wins Environmental Leadership Award.

Posted on 15th January 2013, by British Columbia
The Salvation Army in Prince George, British Columbia, under the leadership of Captains Neil and Crystal Wilkinson opened a new recycling warehouse in April 2012. While the two previous thrift store locations had been recycling on a smaller scale for many years, the new recycling warehouse allowed the Army inPrince Georgeto expand and improve their  […]
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