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Calling and equipping every man to be a transforming influence in their family, church and community.


FACT: If only the woman of the household attends church there is 1 in 50 (2%) chance that the children of the family will become regular church participants. However, if the man of the household attends church there is a 2/3 (66%) chance that the children will become regular attenders and followers of Christ. We need men of faith to rise up and be discipled in the Faith!

Encourage • Embrace • Equip • Engage


Authentic encouragement helps people overcome fear and builds morale. It sets the example to build each other up and builds confidence to face challenges. The gift of encouragement can transform people and circumstances while creating the desire to take positive, forward thinking action. Encouragement establishes hope. When you encourage others, you encourage yourself. We believe in you and that you can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.
The desired end-result would be stronger men who can influence others in doing the right thing.

Local corps events like Monthly Men’s Breakfasts, sporting events, golf outings, etc. and area and divisional events like The Gatherings, and other large men’s events with a focus to embrace men in each corps/unit through multiple non-threatening portals of entry into a fellowship of men for friendship, inspiration and connections.
The desired end-result would be men connected to each other in every unit and to create avenues where men can invite their friends and co-workers to attend these events and eventually to attend church with them.

Using pre-existing discipling tools like “Blue Print” from Promise Keepers Canada and other available resources, the focus is to facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit to purify and transform men to pursue a life long path of Holiness. This would occur on a local corps/unit level but also in area wide gatherings for teaching.
The desired end-result would be Godly men committed to a life of purity and Holiness.

Upon embarking on a transforming life journey, partnered with other men, the focus is to re-engage the men to be a transforming influence in their families (husband, father, grandfather, etc.) church and the communities and relationships they find themselves.
The desired end-result would be increase spiritual leadership in the home and church and an embodiment of Christ where ever these men go in their communities.

Upcoming Events

(Pending Covid-19  Public Health Permissions)

Men’s Camp 2021


Regional Gathering Events

LOWER MAINLAND | Cariboo Hill Temple        Oct 1-2, 2021
Eternals – Aiónia Zoí with Captain Joshua Downer (for young men) | October 1
We Need More Dancing! with Major Lorne Pritchett | October 2

INTERIOR REGION | Kelowna                            Feb 2022

NORTHERN REGION | Prince George                May 2022

For more information about the Men’s Network program or upcoming gatherings please contact: or call (604) 299-3908 ext. 833