The Open Door – A Free Virtual Event for Women

With Guest Carolyn Arends

Women in The Salvation Army annually travel from all points of the province to our camp in Gibsons the first weekend in June. With COVID-19 restrictions this was not possible therefore we hosted a virtual event which is now available to watch on demand. We hope you will invite others to join you. We have chosen to call this event The Open Door. Open doors are invitational, welcoming and lead to new places. This open door leads to enriching worship, informative workshops and an inspirational main session with Carolyn Arends.

Video recordings and workshop resources will remain available to all on this page. We invite you to watch and share with others.

Worship Session

A half hour of worship with Anne Ivany and Sarah Michel followed by women from Belkin House sharing testimonies of transformation.

Workshop Session

Seven half-hour workshops exploring Pathways to God. We suggest you choose the workshop that most interests you on June 5 and watch the others later. An article and self-discovery quiz has been added to the resource link below.

Together we will explore the role that human relationships so often play in deepening and strengthening our spiritual relationship with Triune God (Father, Son and Spirit). Personal experience and Biblical accounts will be used to highlight how our relational God transforms and teaches us through others. Come ready to share!

Captain Sharon Tidd is a life-long Salvationist who has served The Army for 35 years, both as an employee and Officer. She presently serves as an Area Commander in the British Columbia Division. Sharon is a life-long learner and has specialized training in human resource management, conflict resolution, leadership, pastoral care and theological studies. She loves journeying with others in their walk with God and is passionate about helping people see their worth through God’s eyes. She’s a Mom to Ryan (now in his late 20s!), who continues to bring her much joy. She loves puzzling, reading, listening to and making music, going for long walks, soul-level conversations, and eating good food that others have cooked.

In this session, we will consider how our spiritual formation is impacted by actions that stimulate the mind. We will discuss how worship, testimony and study that fully engage our mind leads to significant spiritual progress.

Dr. Gloria J. Woodland is the Chaplaincy Program Director at ACTS Seminaries of TWU and an Assistant Professor of Chaplaincy Studies and Spiritual Care. Gloria received her Doctor of Ministry from Providence Theological Seminary in 2011 with a specialty in Pastoral Counselling. Gloria also serves as a sessional instructor for Booth University College in Winnipeg, teaching in the Chaplaincy Certificate Program.

One of Andrea’s greatest joys in ministry is arranging and presenting gifts and acts of service in ‘out of the box’ ways. Presenting others with a well thought out gift of encouragement always manages to make people feel like they are truly seen and heard. This practice takes a great amount of listening, not only to people – but also to the Holy Spirit. When we channel our ability to truly hear what the needs of others may be, we find ourselves inspired by the creativity of the Holy Spirit and can put into motion great things for deserving members of our communities. Join me as we look at how to identify needs for practical service in the greater community, but also how to identify and recognize the need within our immediate community for small acts of kindness, service, and encouragement.

Andrea Petkau works at The Willows Church in Langley, BC as the lead caseworker for the Pathway of Hope Program. She is also dedicated to all forms of creative ministry and program and event planning. Andrea is happily married and mom to four year old Felix. Some of Andrea’s interests include flowers, Disney, coffee, board games, creative service, and being with friends.

Emmanuel … God with us. God is always with us. Through contemplation and art, we can fine tune our awareness of God. All women will be able to navigate this workshop regardless of artistic experience. All that is required are willing hands and hearts.

Lieutenant Olivia Campbell-Sweet is a Salvation Army Officer serving in Trail, British Columbia. She is a wife, mom and friend who longs to be a good and faithful servant of Christ. Through her gifting of creative teaching, she seeks to empower believers in their unique journeys of faith by giving them tangible tools to grow in awareness of and in relationship with God.  

What are you passionate about? What stirs your heart to stand, fight, and get involved? What injustices get under your skin and make you yearn to do something? Join an interactive conversation based upon the Biblical account of Elijah and personal experience to not only discover what you are passionate about but how to use the skills, hobbies, talents, and abilities that God has given you to do something – whether big or small.

Major Ray Lamont balances three roles with The Salvation Army: Territorial Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response (MSHTR) Coordinator for Canada and Bermuda; Vice Chair of the International MSHTR Council; and the Zonal MSHTR Coordinator for the Americas and North America. She is currently in the final stages of completing her Masters of Slavery and Liberation through the University of Nottingham. She spent the last four years serving in Athens, Greece engaged in frontlines MSHTR and refugee work. These years were extremely impactful and life changing.

There is something about being outside that helps renew our soul and provides the inner rest we so deeply crave. In this workshop we will explore how God has wired some of us to experience His presence in a powerful way when our feet are in the dirt and our eyes are looking up from the pavement. We will discuss how engaging with creation can deepen our relationship with Creator; nurture soul-renewal within ourselves; and foster reconnection with the rest of creation. “When you come to the woods, come to receive. Leave your worries at home.”

Lieutenant Jennifer Henson is wife – mother – tea lover – gardener – pastor – yogi – teacher – friend – dream chaser – thrift store shopper … but the one word she hopes most describes her is ‘disciple.’ A disciple is someone who imitates Christ and her daily prayer is that God’s Holy Spirit will empower and transform her to be more like Christ. Jennifer and her family moved to Westbank/West Kelowna in July 2017 when she and her husband, Rob, were appointed as Corps Officers of Renew Church Ministries.

“To worship is to experience Reality,” writes Richard Foster, “to touch Life. It is to know, to feel, to experience the resurrected Christ in the midst of the gathered community. It is a breaking into the Shekinah of God, or better yet, being invaded by the Shekinah of God.” In this session, we will celebrate the ways that participation in whole-hearted, biblical worship can serve as a pathway to life with God.

Carolyn Arends oversees the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation as well as several other Renovaré initiatives, including the Book Club. She is also a recording artist, speaker, author, and college instructor. She lives in Surrey, BC, with her husband Mark and their two children.

Main Session

In a one-hour video recording Carolyn Arends will share a bit about her life and the ministry of Renovaré, and she’ll use music and teaching to explore Jesus as the Open Door to abundant life.


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