Financial Freedom

Posted on 24th July 2020, by British Columbia
Financial Freedom For most people, opening a bank account is as simple as going online or making an appointment at the nearest branch. But for a person without government identification or a permanent address, doing so may be impossible. That’s the situation many survivors face when they escape human trafficking. With a new financial access  […]

How The Salvation Army Saved My Christmas

Posted on 25th January 2019, by British Columbia
Gifts in hamper
“I remember the day well. It was December 19, 2017, and I was happy to be picking up a Christmas hamper and toys from The Salvation Army in Vernon, B.C.,” says Marcus (not his real name). “But 10 minutes from my house, a car from the opposite direction crossed a double line and hit my  […]

Salvation Army Parenting Program Empowers New Mom

Posted on 25th January 2019, by British Columbia
Mother and son smiling
At 18, Jessica learned she was pregnant and was nervous about everything. She had grown up without a mom’s love, nurturing and support, and didn’t know whether she would have the skills to be a good mother. The Salvation Army’s parenting programs helped her with advice, emotional support and ways of coping with the challenges  […]

Newest Victoria Advisory Board Members

Posted on 30th January 2018, by British Columbia
We are proud to announce the induction of our newest Victoria Advisory Board members April Dorey, Bruce Hallsor, Q.C., Jill Howard, and David Mason. See below for a brief background of our inductees: April Dorey is the lead Investment Advisor in the Dorey Wealth Management Group, which delivers high quality investment, financial and retirement planning  […]
In response to the terrible BC fires that has forced thousands to evacuate their homes, Canadian Tire has generously donated home cleaning kits for The Salvation Army to distribute to evacuees from the First Nations community of Seton. Enough kits and supplies were donated to support up to fifty homes. The kits were delivered to  […]
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