Brave 2022


Brave is a catalytic movement whose focus is to empower girls that come from vulnerable situations, with hopes to engage them before they potentially become victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The event is set up to provide hundreds of vulnerable girls with positive and uplifting messages of hope, love, value and purpose from speakers, artists, dancers and community leaders.

Through this special event we aim to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk youth in their areas, to show them we see them, they matter and that we are with them.

This year, Brave is being led by the Territorial Women’s Department. There will be a recording of keynote speaker Tori Petersen and recorded interviews with Danielle Strickland and Captain Lisa Barnes. Each participating ministry unit will receive their own gift set to hand out to the girls, which includes a Brave journal about mental health.

Originally the event was set to happen in the month of February, but the pandemic continues to make in-person gatherings a challenge. In an effort to work around current restrictions some of our Corps are rescheduling with plans to host events in the Spring, and others are organizing hybrid options with a combination of in-person and online events.

Throughout B.C. we have 11 Ministry Units preparing to host Brave in 2022:

  • Boundless Vancouver
  • Cariboo Hill Temple
  • Comox Valley Ministries
  • Connection Point Church & Resource Centre
  • Kamloops Corps
  • Nanaimo Community Church
  • Penticton Community Church
  • Prince George Community Church
  • Renew Church
  • The Willows Community Church
  • Trail Corps

Last year, we had young women from across the Canada and Bermuda Territory tune in to watch the Brave online event. The event was a great success, the girls felt empowered, uplifted and special. Each location created a notable experience and many of the girls joined Brave circles. We’re looking forward to continuing to build long-lasting relationships with the young girls.

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