Feeding Victoria’s Homeless

Posted on 21st July 2020, by British Columbia
Feeding Victoria’s Homeless In Victoria, B.C. the number of people unable to afford a place to live increases every day, significantly more so since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “People without homes are sleeping in parks, beside trees and in forest clearings, feeling helpless, lonely, and unsure where their next meal is coming from.”  […]

Virtual Summer Camp

Posted on 20th July 2020, by British Columbia
Summer 2020 has looked very different around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For youth in British Columbia, unfortunately this meant that they would not be able to participate in the usual summer camps that our B.C. Youth Department hosts at Camp Mountainview and Camp Sunrise. Understanding the impact of remaining connected and the  […]

Corporate Corner Family Gives Biggest Donation

Posted on 20th July 2020, by British Columbia
Corporate Corner Family Gives Biggest Donation In June, the Rogers family announced a $10 million donation to The Salvation Army to help support Canadians affected by COVID-19. It is the largest private donation we have received in more than our 135 year history of Giving Hope to those in need. “The incredible generosity of the  […]

Messengers of the Kingdom Commissioned

Posted on 17th July 2020, by British Columbia
“We rejoice that God has called you, equipped you and gifted you for sacred service,” declared Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries, as they ordained and commissioned the Messengers of the Kingdom Session on June 20, 2020. With travel and social-gathering restrictions in place due to COVID-19, the  […]
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Annual Change in BC

Posted on 17th July 2020, by British Columbia
It’s that time of year when we both lose and gain within The Salvation Army. This year’s officer moves have been announced and in B.C. some significant changes have taken place at Divisional Headquarters (DHQ). Majors Les and Tiffany Marshall are off to Winnipeg where they will serve as Divisional Commander and Divisional Director of  […]
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Using the Pandemic to Help Give Back

Posted on 15th July 2020, by British Columbia
Using the Pandemic to Help Give Back When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it affected countless people and businesses across the world. For 26-year-old Kalvin Shum, who was working in the film industry as a lighting technician for Netflix and Amazon Prime, the pandemic completely shut down production, resulting in large layoffs. Typically, Kalvin worked 12  […]

Meet the New Divisional Youth Secretaries

Posted on 15th July 2020, by British Columbia
family photo
This summer Captains Josh and Joyce Downer will be travelling across the country to join us at Divisional Headquarters in British Columbia; beginning their new appointments as Divisional Youth Secretaries, overseeing the Children and Youth department for the province. Coming with them is their family of four children who have all grown up in Ontario  […]

Our Thrift Stores Are Re-Opening

Posted on 9th July 2020, by British Columbia
For our dedicated shoppers who miss browsing the aisles to find the latest additions to the shelves, for all the spring cleaners who have been holding onto their donations for the past couple of months, and for everyone else who is just tired of being stuck in quarantine and are ready to go out and  […]

It Takes a Village

Posted on 16th June 2020, by British Columbia
Imagine struggling to provide food, clothing and other necessities like diapers and formula for your growing family. Sadly, this is the harsh reality for too many parents in our province. Last year alone 3.2 million Canadians were reported living at or below the poverty line, including 566,000 children. It’s no secret that living in British  […]

Sally Ann Doughnut Day Recipe

Posted on 1st June 2020, by British Columbia
From the battlegrounds of war to the front lines of poverty, The Salvation Army is known for giving hope in a time of crisis. National Doughnut Day, held on the first Friday of June, honours the 250 volunteers from The Salvation Army who travelled to France to boost the morale of soldiers during the First  […]
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