Souad’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
Souad migrated to Canada from Beirut, Lebanon and worked hard for over 50 years and tirelessly providing for her children. She was a very helpful person too and very generous in giving of her time serving in the community when she was not working. She donated items and remembered her days back in Kelowna where she first heard about The Salvation Army where  […]

John’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
John recalls there was a time in his life when things seemed hopeless and there didn’t seem to be an answer coming anytime soon. He was too broken and did too much damage to himself and others. He had lost all form of dignity for himself and other people. He couldn’t be trusted by anyone  […]

Luidel’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
Luidel was one of the lucky ones who was able to escape from her perpetrators. She fled in her pyjamas to a local mall, trying to find a safe place to go. Thankfully, The Salvation Army Illuminate had a bed, and she was able to join the program for survivors of human trafficking immediately.  During  […]

Linda’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
Linda was a Science teacher from England and has been very much into Christian ministry work. Upon retirement, Linda’s husband John wanted to go to Vancouver and felt that God has said to him that this will be their new home. They decided to come to Canada to do the things they have been thinking  […]

Gerry’s Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
Gerry lived in Ontario with a history of alcoholism that started at a very tender age of 12. As an adult, he was able to secure a good life working in the trucking industry and got married. But things just went south for him. He suffered loss, was in jail for a while, tried drugs  […]

Carlos’ Story

Posted on 15th June 2021, by British Columbia
I moved to Canada when I was four years old, as a newly immigrated family from Colombia we did not have many connections in BC. That all changed when my mother visited the local Salvation Army in Richmond. We were offered help in searching for furniture and my sister and I were accepted into their Vacation Bible  […]

Meet the Wilkinsons

Posted on 14th May 2021, by British Columbia
To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Salvation Army in Prince George we would like to introduce you to Majors Crystal & Neil Wilkinson. Crystal originally started work with us in 1990 and Neil in ’98 after both became Soldiers in 1990. Be sure to join in on the celebrations this year, visit to  […]

New Centre of Hope Opens in Port Hardy

Posted on 15th April 2021, by British Columbia
New Centre of Hope Opens in Port Hardy  Some very exciting news from Port Hardy this past March. The new Centre of Hope facility has finally opened. After two years of intense negotiations, drawings, plans, fundraising and all that other fun stuff, the Centre opened its doors on March 1st. The facility, which is now  […]

Empowering Young Girls

Posted on 14th April 2021, by British Columbia
Empowering Young Girls BRAVE is a catalytic movement whose focus is to empower girls that come from vulnerable situations, with hopes to engage them before they become victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. We aim to reach the most vulnerable and at-risk youth in their areas, to show them we see them, they matter, and  […]
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Food Share in the Nisga’a Nation

Posted on 14th April 2021, by British Columbia
Food Share in the Nisga’a Nation Throughout this past year the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our everyday lives. One place that struggled with the impact of new restrictions was Gitwinksihlkw, a Nisga’a Village in Northern B.C.  During this time the Gitwinksihlkw Corps saw an increase in need in their community where many households are home  […]