The Salvation Army Continues to Serve Others

by British Columbia
Categories: COVID-19

As the COVID-19 virus continues to impact British Columbians, Salvation Army employees across the province continue to serve on the front lines.

In communities from the Downtown Eastside to Vancouver Island to our Northern most cities, we are working around the clock to provide essential goods and services to those who need it most. And it is because of your generosity and loyalty that we can do so and we thank you.

While people around the world are being impacted, those groups who are most vulnerable in communities in our back yard need our support more than ever. People living on the streets and the elderly often have compromised immune systems and pre-existing health conditions. They need immediate, priority and continued care from us. And we are dedicated to doing so during these precarious times.

Over the past two weeks, while most businesses are seeing a decline in customers, we are seeing an increase. As more and more businesses are forced to close their doors and lay people off, the demands on our programs and services continue to grow as we serve new individuals, families and groups.

Your donations are being put to good use, allowing us to continue to provide goods, programs and services across B.C. such as:

  • Shelter spaces and beds
  • Food banks
  • Community meal services
  • Mobile feeding trucks
  • Spiritual and emotional counselling
  • Care packages
  • Sanitary supplies

But we are not phased. This is who we are. This is what we do. We feed and shelter those in need, and we do it with compassion and care. And because of you, we can do this in communities across the province today, helping those in need and providing HOPE during these challenging times.

In the weeks to come, essential supplies will be needed in order to serve our communities adequately. We will continue to rely on our community partners and the government to get us through these difficult times, but we are also asking for your continued support, if you are able:

Regular and accurate information and updates will be posted on our webpage to keep staff, clients and the public updated on our programs and services. Please check with your local Salvation Army for specific information on local activities.


With grace,

Mike Leland
Divisional Secretary, Public Relations
BC Divisional Headquarters