Thank You For Giving Us Hope When Everything Seemed Hopeless

by British Columbia
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Things had always seemed to go well for Sandy. Her loving husband, John, had a stable job that kept the family in a comfortable lifestyle and provided the necessary services for their disabled 14-year-old son. Because they felt blessed, they wanted to share with their neighbors in need.

Then, John lost the job he had held for the past 17 years. Determined not to let this setback ruin their family Christmas, the family sat down to plan. They would cut back while John searched for a new job.

As groceries dwindled and they fell behind on their bills, the idea of even a small family Christmas seemed impossible.

Fortunately, a Salvation Army bell ringer struck up a conversation with Sandy in an effort to cheer her up. The bell ringer encouraged Sandy to get in touch with The Salvation Army to see how they might be able to help.

Through the support of the caring staff and volunteers, Sandy’s family immediately began receiving groceries. This allowed them to focus on paying their mortgage and other bills. And when our staff learned the family would likely not have any Christmas gifts, Sandy was invited to visit The Salvation Army and choose gift items for her kids.

“God bless you all for your kindness and generosity,” she says. “And thank you for making our Christmas season so bright!”