An Unexpected Christmas Miracle

by British Columbia
Categories: Stories

As a young woman, Ava made the decision to venture out on an adventure with her four-year-old daughter, moving away from her family to travel and study.

Ava was determined to prove to herself and her family that she could make it on her own and worked two jobs to make ends meet. Many days were challenging and there were times when she had to choose between paying for transportation to school and eating a meal.

“I never let on I was struggling,” says Ava.  “I always looked presentable, but underneath I didn’t have a cent in my pocket. My daughter and I literally lived day by day.”

With her first Christmas on her own approaching quickly, Ava began to worry. Would she be able to put any presents under their meagre tree? How would she tell her daughter there would be no Christmas stocking or turkey dinner?

Thanks to The Salvation Army Christmas Hamper and Angel Tree programs, Christmas arrived in our little apt.  and in our hearts all those years ago.

“Thank you for giving us hope when things seemed so hopeless!”