A Holiday Blessing You Made Possible

by British Columbia
Categories: Stories

Have you heard it said that life is what happens when we are planning for it? Job loss, sudden illness, or the unexpected death of a loved one can change the course of our lives in a moment and it can happen to anyone. Michelle knows this from firsthand experience.

After a severe leg injury, it became impossible for her to work, and things quickly spiraled out of control. It wasn’t long before the money was gone and Michelle had nothing left to pay for even life’s most basic necessities.

“My family had fallen on very challenging times, and we had to find ways to help us survive,” Michelle said.

One key way was turning to The Salvation Army. Thanks to the caring staff and the compassion and generosity of donors like you, Michelle and her family received vital support such as food and clothing. An extra blessing was the Christmas gifts provided for her children — at a time when any kind of Christmas celebration seemed unreachable.

“On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to say thank you very much to The Salvation Army for all the assistance they have given to us,” Michelle said. “God bless you!”