Pet Day at The Salvation Army

by British Columbia
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It has been said that ‘dogs are a man’s best friend’ and certainly when you are isolated or living on the streets, they can provide vital companionship, a measure of protection, and even warmth when shelter is scarce, and the weather turns cold and miserable. But how does one who is impoverished have the means to care for his best friend?

In an effort to ensure that this need was being met, the staff at The Salvation Army Centre of Hope in Abbotsford reached out to local vet, Dr. Kelly O’Blennis with the Bakerview Pet Hospital and a wonderful partnership was born.Twice monthly, Dr. O’Blennis is onsite at The Centre of Hope and books appointments with pet owners and their beloved fur babies and addresses issues including fleas and ticks, skin irritations, minor wounds, injuries and infections, and does consultation in regard to spaying and neutering, and compassionate euthanizing of elderly, sick pets.

An added benefit has been that some pet owners were unsure or hesitant to seek assistance for themselves and once in the building for their pet day appointment, staff members were able to connect them with other vital support services to assist them in overcoming the challenges they face.The partnership has now grown to include the local branch of Petsmart who regularly provide pet food, treats, collars, leashes, and all sorts of other accessories to pet owners free of charge.