Dynamic duo at Belkin House.

by British Columbia
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“I first met Richard Louis and Albert Schoemaker 5 years ago when I joined Belkin House as the Food Services Manager and little did I know how special, devoted , and committed this “dynamic duo” was … For the longest time, there were many rumors on how long they have served at Belkin House.  Some, including Richard and Albert, say 4 years, others say 14 years!

The fact is that Richard volunteers 3 days every week and Albert volunteers 5 days every week.  So I did a little investigation and called the Ministry of Social Development for the true answer. Drum roll, please … This year, in 2015, Richard Louis will be celebrating his 10th year of service and Albert Schoemaker will be celebrating 20 years!

Belkin House has been so blessed by their selfless commitment and joyful service to our community!  Happy volunteer appreciation month!”

– Alvin Chong, Food Services Manager | Belkin House