Thun Family donation supports Prince George.

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by British Columbia
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Cameron Thun has a simple reason for continuing to contribute to the Salvation Army and other local groups.  “I want to make the world a better place,” says the local businessman. “I know it sounds corny, but that’s why.”

Thun and his family were at the new Salvation Army Community Ministries Centre on 18th Avenue last week, making a $40,000 donation to help with the work of the group.  “I’ve spent my whole life in Prince George,” Thun says. “I like helping education and helping people. I also have four $1,000 bursaries at each of the high schools to help kids with their education.”

To Capt. Neil Wilkinson, the donation came at a great time for the Salvation Army.  “We own this property,” he said of the facility at 3500 18th Ave. “We have a small mortgage, which should be paid off in 10 years.   “Donations like this will help us pay if off sooner, meaning we will have more money for the work we do in the community.” Almost all that work will now be taking place in the new facility, which already houses the food bank.

“The food bank was 800 square feet,” Wilkinson says. “Now, it’s 2.500. We’re also the northern distribution centre for Foodbanks Canada, covering the area from Lillooet north. This gives us the room we need to hold food for the use of the other foodbanks.”

The Salvation Army’s emergency response team is also now housed in the new facility,  and soon there will be a thrift store opening.  “We will keep the current thrift store by Pine Centre open until the lease expires on March 31,” Wilkinson said. “We hope to have the store here running before then, so we’ll have two stores for a while, then gradually close the other one down.”

Wilkinson said the Salvation Army would recognize the latest donation from the Thun family by naming the waiting room in the new facility in their honour.

Thank You, Thun Family.

*Story provided by Prince George Free Press.