100 Turkeys for families in need.

by British Columbia
Categories: Feature

A BIG Thank You to The Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club in cooperation with Safeway Canada as they handed out 100 family-sized turkeys on Thursday afternoon to local families in need at The Salvation Army Vancouver Community and Family Services.

The Canadians and Safeway Canada have taken pride in working together for the past 7 years to continue this community initiative that brings families from all across Vancouver together with a family-sized centerpiece in tie for the holiday weekend.

“We are fortunate to have a partner like Safeway Canada who generously donates these family-sized turkeys to families in need. Through the efforts of The Salvation Army, we are able to reach those families from all across Vancouver who would benefit most from this kind of effort,” states Vancouver Canadians Director, Community Relations Jeff Holloway.

Since its inception in 2008, the Canadians along with Safeway Canada have donated more than 800 turkeys along with basting trays and cooking instructions to families from all across Vancouver.

We are so appreciative to The Vancouver Canadians Baseball Club and Safeway Canada for making another ‘Canadians Thanksgiving’ possible.