Siege Day for The Sally Ann.

by British Columbia
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On July 11, 2014 the UVic Engineering Students’ Society held its 4th annual Siege Day to raise funds for The Salvation Army.

Siege Day started in 2011 at UVic with students designing and building a catapult. In 2012, students altered the traditional catapult into a slingshot and designed and built a trebuchet. Both are made mostly of wood with some elastic bands and they’re both about 8 feet tall and have a roughly 3 by 3 foot base and fire approximately 100 feet horizontally.

Siege Day welcomes the public to fire either weapon, 3 shots for $5 with all proceeds being donated to The Salvation Army. There were eight targets set up.

The event had a great turnout raising over $550 to benefit Salvation Army programs on Vancouver Island.

Big thanks to UVic Engineering Students’ Society for supporting The Salvation Army in a fun and unique way!