Elite Performance Basketball Camp is on!

by British Columbia
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The Salvation Army in partnership with Strathcona Community Centre is hosting the Elite Performance Basketball Camp August 18-21!

This week-long training camp is for teens aged 14 – 18 and focuses on developing basketball skills, teamwork, and having fun!

Damin Altizer, Trainer at the Elite Performance Basketball Camp uses the “3 D’s” throughout all his training:

Desire—You can’t just “want to.” You’ve got to have a yearning, a craving, a burning desire to get better!
Dedication— Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. “Good players practice till they get it right, great players practice till they can’t get it wrong!”
Discipline—Be mistake driven, work so hard you force yourself to make mistakes; Don’t become discouraged, become determined! Mistakes are simply learning tools!

Register at Strathcona Community Centre! If you’d like to support the event through sponsorships (gift in kind or financial) contact: Jonathan_Evans@can.salvationarmy.org