Animal therapy at Sunset Lodge.

by British Columbia
Categories: Feature

Residents at Victoria’s Sunset Lodge were treated to a visit by two 3-week-old baby goats from the petting zoo at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm on May 22.

Baby goats from the petting zoo visit sunset lodge twice a year to offer residents animal therapy. Approximately 40 residents, their families and 20 staff took part in the activity.

Animal therapy has many benefits and has many physical and mental health benefits. Some of the benefits include to lifting spirits, encouraging communication, providing comfort, increasing socialization and many others, but the main benefit is seeing the smiles on the faces of our residents.

“Visiting with baby goats are everyone’s favourite activity,” shared Thomas Bowden, Activities Manager for Sunset Lodge. “It is a real treat when they come to visit, the residents love the goats and talk about the visit for days after. The smiles that are created are contagious!”

Family members have expressed how they appreciate the activities coordinated by Sunset Lodge staff; which go a long way in making Sunset Lodge a home for our residents.

Thomas Bowden shared further, “there is something magical about baby animals and the love they give – it is a really rewarding experience for everyone. Since their visit in May, everyone’s been asking ‘When will the baby goats be back?’”.

They will return for a much anticipated second visit in early July.

Thank you to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm for partnering with The Salvation Army to create a rewarding, loving and fun experience for the residents at Sunset Lodge.