Ringer-a-thon raises $464.

by British Columbia
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Dalton Moffat pitched horseshoes to raise money for The Salvation Army’s work in Africa on May 12.

Dalton, a member of Westsong Community Church and active volunteer pitched 100 horseshoes scoring 24 ringers.

He raised $464 by collecting pledges from sponsors.

“Dalton’s commitment to improving quality of life and restoring dignity in lives of other people is exemplary, especially since he is only 10 years old. It’s a testament to his kind and compassionate heart. At such a young age, he demonstrates exceptional maturity in his understanding that he is a steward of his gifts and talents. And he uses his abilities to serve other people. Dalton taught me an important lesson: our ability to reach out to others and impact their lives positively is enhanced, when we view ourselves as stewards of gifts and talents that we possess,” shared Captain George Kogan, Corps Officer, Westsong Community Church.

Thank you, Dalton, for being an inspiration to us all.