A friend of the Army.

by British Columbia
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One of The Salvation Army’s greatest friends and advocates is Mrs. Anne Lippert.

Tonight, Anne will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 17th Annual AWF Peak Awards. Anne has actively supported The Salvation Army in British Columbia for 28 years. Her varied roles include her volunteering on our Grace Hospital Board, Greater Vancouver Advisory Board, Hope in the City Luncheon Committee (annual fundraiser supporting survivors of human trafficking) and leading The Salvation Army’s biggest annual door to door fundraising campaign (Red Shield Appeal).

Currently, Anne chairs The Salvation Army Kate Booth House Community Council – supporting a safe house for women and children escaping domestic violence while being the true embodiment of all of the ideal traits that any organization would ever seek in a volunteer … and then some!

Anne is a master at engaging others with confidence, positivity and grace. She has truly helped The Salvation Army to make a difference to those in need. Among many other highlights, with her support on the Hope in the City Luncheon committee, The Salvation Army was able to raise the seed money to open Deborah’s Gate – the only holistically-focused safe house for survivors of human trafficking in North America.

Why does she choose to support the work of The Salvation Army?

Anne and her husband immigrated to North America from Germany in the 1960s (by boat) with their infant son. The boat was destined for New York, but due to inclement weather, landed in Halifax. Upon arrival, they were exhausted and extremely overwhelmed. Additionally, they were informed that they were facing many hours in immigration.

A female Salvation Army Officer was present in the waiting area whose sole purpose was to offer support to the arriving mothers. She took care of Anne and Wolfgang’s son throughout the lengthy immigration process, and Anne never forgot the relief she felt.

Anne said that she was so impressed by this act of kindness that she told herself that when she was “in a position to give back, it would be to The Salvation Army.”

Thank you, Anne, for supporting the work we do and for being part of the work we do every day as we give hope to others. It is because of our Army of volunteers and individuals like Anne, where we find the heart, passion and encouragement to continue forward day after day in making positive, hopeful change to local communities, individuals and families.