Saanich’s Command Unit now with The Salvation Army.

by British Columbia
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The Salvation Army would like to thank the Saanich Fire Department for generously donating their emergency command unit to The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Program.

In a small ceremony on Friday Feb 21st, Mayor Frank Leonard and Saanich Fire Chief Michael Burgess handed the keys to Majors Ed and Kathie Chiu of The Salvation Army ARC.

Both Mayor Leonard and Chief Burgess acknowledged their appreciation for the work that The Salvation Army does for the community both every day but especially at emergency events.  Chief Burgess expressed that something as simple as a cup of coffee goes along way when dealing with the stresses that come with emergencies.

Majors Ed and Kathie Chiu shared their appreciation for their team of EDS volunteers as well as the Fire Department for giving so generously to the community.
The Command Unit will be retrofitted to have the necessary equipment onboard to enable it to serve meals. Its primary function will be to serve as part of the EDS program however, when the vehicle is not deployed to an emergency, it will offer community support through public events, street outreach, and various meal programs (including the School Breakfast Program and community meals). The vehicle will also participate in public events and training programs.