These boots are made for walking.

by British Columbia
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The Salvation Army would like to thank everyone who came into Capital Iron to donate a pair of new or gently used work boots.

From June 15 – July 15, Capital Iron in Victoria, was collecting work boots from the public on behalf of The Stan Hagen Centre for Families. With every pair of CSA approved work boots donated, Capital Iron offered 20% off the cost of new boots.

Capital Iron collected approx. 45 pairs of boots and another 43 pairs of new boots were donated by MD Charlton. MD Charlton also donated several pairs of work pants and shirts for distribution to those who need them to get back into the work force.

All boots in usable condition will be given to people who require them to start or continue working. Many jobs ranging from construction positions to delivery drivers require CSA approved footwear and these donations will enable our clients to start work.

We would like to thank Capital Iron, Magnum Pro and Timberland for their participation in this campaign, as well as a special thank you to MD Charlton who made such a significant donation and everyone else who participated through boot donations.