Bruce Williams joins Victoria Advisory Board.

by British Columbia
Categories: Feature

Being a long term support of The Salvation Army, Bruce Williams would often tell the story of how when his mother found herself without a home at a young age, The Salvation Army took her in.  The Army was there to encourage her through nursing school and ultimately, to see her live independently and support her family.  Bruce and his mother have never forgotten this act of generosity.

As the Manager of Community and Client Relations for CTV2, Bruce has been involved with almost every major community event and organization. He is the most sought-after and popular guest speaker, MC, and event host on the Island and has helped with raising millions of dollars. When he would do his weather remotes, Bruce would use a Salvation Army umbrella and comment that “this umbrella shelters me from the rain much like The Salvation Army shelters those who need it.”

With his endless volunteer work, awards received and commitment to Island communities, The Salvation Army is excited and honoured to welcome Bruce to the Victoria Advisory Board.