Time to replace the Beacon Bus.

by British Columbia
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For 15 years, the Beacon Bus has been critical in serving both The Salvation Army’s community programming and the local emergency management network.

The Salvation Army has become very aware of the depreciating state of the Beacon Bus and has made replacing it a top priority. Our goal is to have the new vehicle in place by Christmas in order to better serve the local community.

Agencies such as Victoria Emergency Management and Esquimalt Emergency Social Services recognize the value of the Beacon Bus and the programming run out of it, “The loss of services provided by the Beacon Bus would create a significant gap in our local emergency management system,” said Sara Walsh, Deputy Emergency Coordinator, Victoria Emergency Management.

The Beacon Bus is more than an emergency response unit. It assists emergency and disaster crews with training, it provides hot meals and community and street outreach. It is a go-to vehicle for fire, police and search and rescue workers to assist their crews and to offer comfort to disaster victims. It participates in community events and creates a sense of community whenever it is deployed. It is stocked at all times with food, clothing, blankets and other necessary items enabling it to be on call 24/7.

We are appealing to the public to assist us with replacing the Beacon Bus. If you are able to donate to the Beacon Bus Campaign please contact us:

By phone at 250-386-3366 ext 4
In person at 777 Fort Street, 3rd Floor, Victoria BC
By mail at 777 Fort Street, 3rd Floor, Victoria BC, V8W 1G9

There are corporate, business and personal recognition programs available for significant contributions.