YEARS of dedicated service at Sunset Lodge.

by British Columbia
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Last Thursday, March 8th Sunset Lodge held an afternoon reception to recognize staff members who have achieved the milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of devoted service.

Major Larry Jennings expressed his sincere appreciation for their effort and commitment noting that Sunset Lodge is more than a care facility; it is home for the 108 residents who live there. Sunset Lodge wouldn’t be the place it is without the staff it has. We are truly grateful to the staff for everything they do.

Thank you for your continued dedication, support and years of service.

5 Years:

Manisha Handa
Diana Devine
Anne Henderson
Minale Gebremichael
Restita Chambers
Leanne Aubere
Yehu Teklemariam
Diane Sauve
Effie Reader
Rajni Komal
Kristle Pugle
Curtis Piercey
Lori Painchaud
Richard Lacey

10 Years:

Susan Kamphof
Edwin Cumby
Sandra More

15 Years:

Colleen Anderson
Nenad Laketic

20 Years:

Mohinder Chauhan
Soroyya Erfani
Bonnie Craig

25 Years:

Stephen McGregor
Neil Phipps

30 Years:

Sital Banga