Surprise Donation!

by British Columbia
Categories: Feature

Salvation Army bell-ringers in Brooks, Alta., discovered a special donation last week when they emptied out the contents of one of their Christmas Kettles.  Found amongst the bountiful amounts of sparkling nickels and dimes was a solid gold coin.

The anonymous donation was discovered wrapped in a $5 bill with a note explaining the coin was worth $1,700.

Salvation Army spokeswoman Pam Goodyear confirmed Sunday that the coin’s value had been confirmed at the bank.  “(We’ve) already been in touch with the bank,” said Goodyear. “We get some significant donations in kettles but this one just happens to be a unique one.” 

Two years ago another gold coin worth about $1,200 was dropped into a kettle at CrossIron Mills, north ofCalgary. The coin was sold with proceeds going to Salvation Army food banks and programs.